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Fully Managed Servers

Server Management: Fully Managed Server is a part of YBOX Server environment. The server is continuously monitored and more than 300 samples are collected on key parameters in a day. These server require little or no system admin skill at all. YBOX Servers are pre-hardened with YBOX Shield, one of the comprehensive server security suite. Silicon House - Rapid Action Force provides 24X7 monitoring and management. You will get unlimited assistance in identifying, troubleshooting and preventing any issues that arise in your server environment. Learn more about how our support system works.

YBox Server Environment: YBOX Servers are boxes that come with pre-hardened security software and pre-loaded server software. The entire environment is pre-built and tested in real time environment for over 170 man hours. Such a rigours hardware and software testing helps in identifying and rectifying 70 % of the issues that occur in a enterprise level dedicated server environment. Above all YBOX Servers come with cutting edge YBOX Apps like XMAIL Trac, Super Reseller Suite etc, which allows greater monetization of your server.

Network & Security:  Robust DOS shields prevent our networks from Denial Of Service Attacks. All our servers are installed with ON ACCESS & ON DEMAND virus scanners. The systems are regularly updated with Software updates. YBOX Shield, industry's most comphrehsive intrusion detection and prevention shield works in tandem with our DOS shields. YBOX Servers comes with pre-installed security components which makes it more secure and stable.

FAVDC: YBOX Servers run in our Fully Automated Virtual Data Center. Our virtual data center is spread over US, UK, Canada and India. This allows us to offers more stable and reliable hosting services with zero risk. Multiple bandwidth backbones such as Verio, Time-Warner, Sprint, British Telecom provide a redundant network availability.

Standard & Complex Solutions: Be it a standard server configuration for deploying shared hosting or a complex configuration for deploying high availability / high performance clusters, our consultants can help you design the most optimal solution at the lowest possible cost.

Browse the configurations available now;

These basic server  configurations are used to deploy shared hosting services [ reselling ] or running web applications for closed user base, mailing solutions. These configurations are designed to run with standardized environmental settings. The portability will be very high in these server. Since the deployment is in standard environment, scaling up is almost instantaneous. Standard configurations are available with Linux, Windows, Java, Streaming hosting environments.

Who should use standard configs?

Standard configs are for enterprise users with closed user base, mailing solutions, less critical web applications. In short, where the user spike or scaling is well defined.

Linux Standard Configs Windows Standard Configs Java Standard Configs
Streaming Standard Configs      

High availability is defined as a website or web service that is aimed to be available for 100% of the time. High performance is defined as a website or web service that is aimed to perform normally even during abrupt spikes in usage pattern. Before configuring such a system, it is essential to keep in mind on the following factors;

1. User Base
2. Past usage spikes
3. Type of content that is delivered
4. Application's Limitations
5. Geographical Distribution of servers

Who should use complex configs?

Complex configs are for large protals, enterprise applications that attract large user bases, mission critical erp applications etc.

High Availability Configs High Performance Configs    

If you are planning for a corporate mail server or deploying an enterprise application online or scaling up your existing portal, we can help you. Our consultants have more than 12 years of hands on expertise in network and cluster building. They can help you choose the most optimal server solution and offer professional advice in a range of areas such as;

1. Network
2. Hardware
3. Security
4. Online Strategy
5. Rich Media
5. Cloud Computing

Read more about our consulting >>

Fully Managed Semi Dedicated Linux Power Hosting Servers are high-end, robust hosting solution which allows you to run resource intensive applications or websites. Each user in the server, will have a huge server resources such as space, bandwidth, memory, cpu usage allotted.

The minimum configuration of the servers on which the users are created will be 12 Gig RAM, Dual Quad Core with SATA thus enabling you to run you application or website running without any latency. Our team of experienced System Admins can help you in designing memory / cpu requirements for your application / websites. These servers are specifically tweaked for high performance even at peak load.

The following semi-dedicated plans are available now;

Power Hosting Biz Mail Server Biz Secure FTP

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