Corporate Profile

Silicon House is one of the largest Reseller Hosting provider in India. Silicon House is highly specialized Cloud Computing and Fully Managed Server provider in India. Operating a Fully Automated Virtual Data Center for more than a decade, we have been able to leverage our immense experience and cutting edge technology to provide a practical and working solution for thousands of customers in more than 90+ countries.

Business Focus

Silicon House is a complete solution provider for reseller hosting, dedicated servers and cloud servers. Our expertise is in implementing high availability, high performance and hybrid cloud / dedicated servers. The solutions that we offer are Fully Managed and hence we take care of the server side infrastructure while you can concentrate on your core businesses.

Innovate & Expertise

Every problem presented to us like mail tracking or archiving, multi-location cloud load balancing, biz intel reporting, state of the art intrusion detection, has been converted into an opportunity to innovate new solutions. With over 14 years of experience, we convert these innovations into working solutions and keep building expertise in them.

Adapt & Grow

In an industry like internet where technology changes literally every day, being flexible to accommodate new technologies, getting expertise in cutting edge technologies requires a culture that is deep rooted for knowledge than anything else. This is the very essence of how we build our solutions. Our solutions are always framework based so that any future disruptive technology can be accommodated with ease. We work closely with our customers. That enables us to share a wealth of knowledge about server side issues to our customers and gain as much about application they build.


Silicon House runs hundreds of servers serving customers in more than 90+ countries.

1. We handle more than 55 million emails per day
2. Our Fully Automated Virtual Data Center network spans over three continents, four countries
3. Our servers power more than 750,000+ websites
4. We are pioneers in building Fully Automated Virtual Data Centers integrated with multi-location clouds
5. Innovation is our base and we consistently do that. Our innovative development has resulted in products and services such as XMAIL Trac, Super Reseller Suite, Arrow Shield, Arrow Streaming Servers, Biz Intel Reporting etc.


Silicon House has been a leader in dedicated server hosting and cloud server hosting in India since 1998. We are powering more than 750,000 customers in 90+ countries. We have helped a leading auction portal in India to expand world wide almost instantly. Our experts have managed to keep the cost as low as possible for a loan portal in USA, keeping in mind of their market condition without compromising on quality of delivery. We are the power behind one of the oldest university in India and a hot start-up in renewable energy relies on us for managing their business online.

Silicon House is a pioneer in introducing many services in web hosting industry in India. We are the pioneers in introducing Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting in India. This allows you to take of your core business where we take care of your online presence. We are the pioneers to introduced pre-hardened elastic cloud server hosting in India.

On complex configuration side, we have been building bare metal servers or dedicated servers, clusters, cloud servers, hybrid servers for more than 19 years in India. We are the first company in India to build Fully Automated Virtual Data Center spanning three countries.

1. Silicon House is a fully accredited .IN registrar
2. Silicon House is ranked 8 th fastest growing registrar in India by NIXI


Silicon House attaches highest importance for quality of products and services delivered to customers. Our commitment towards quality is shown in our processes and products that we deliver to thousands of customers around the world. Well defined processes, strict adherence to SOP and continuous training of man power about quality helps us in delivering services of the highest quality. Silicon House is an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified organization.

Quality Policy

1. Innovation and Transparency in all our processes and business practice
2. Continuously monitoring and improving all our processes
3. Rapid Action on all our services and extremely flexible models in our product development
4. Creating and environment that will allow people to develop and deliver world class products and services