Silicon House has been a pioneer in designing and implementing Fully Automated Virtual Data Center spanning across continents. What started as an acquisition of a small VLAN has now developed into a Fully Automated Virtual Data Center. Recent Gartner research quotes that virtual data center, hybrid clouds spread across multiple locations are going to be among the top 10 tech trends for the future. We have been building and perfecting this FAVDC since a decade.

Silicon House servers run in Fully Automated Virtual Data Center spread over US, UK, Canada and India. This allows us to offers more stable and reliable hosting services with zero risk. Multiple bandwidth backbones such as NLayer, Verizon, Level 3, Sprint, British Telecom, Internap, Comcast provide a redundant network availability. Each of our network is equipped with Internap FCP which monitors our network for end-to-end for latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion. Internap’s FCP automatically reroutes traffic resulting in improved network performance, intelligent traffic management across multiple provider links and easier troubleshooting. Such a robust network is of essence for delivering rich media content over internet.

Silicon House - Fully Automated Virtual Data Center
All our locations have;

1. Multi-operators Bandwidth Termination
2. Fully environment control systems
3. Grid / Backup Power Systems [ N+1 power generator architecture ]
4. Peering to other third party networks for reducing latency
5. 24 X 7 Staffing
6. Leibert HVAC redundant architecture with overhead air distribution makes sure that your equipment is always operating at optimum temperatures.
7. VESDA smoke detection, double-action dry pipe fire suppression modules prevent emergencies before they start.
8. Preventive maintenance, performed regularly which meets or exceeds manufacturers recommended practices.

Network & Security
DOS Shields

Robust DOS shields prevent our networks from Denial Of Service Attacks. All our servers are installed with ON ACCESS & ON DEMAND virus scanners. The systems are regularly updated with Software updates. All our servers are DELL, HP, IBM systems which allows us for a high degree of performance and in case of hardware interruptions, the necessary hardware is replaced in shortest possible time. This is due to our partnership or special arrangements with these software or hardware vendors.

Intrusion Detection System

Arrow Shield, industry’s most comprehensive intrusion detection and prevention shield works in tandem with our DOS shields. Arrow Servers comes with pre-installed security components which makes it more secure and stable. Every server has firewall and brute force system which counters any attempt that is made in your server.

PCI Scans

Arrow Servers are scanned regularly using PCI compliant control scans. It scans for more than 14000 vulnerabilities and provides a complete audit on our network environment. This is done regularly to meet high standards of PCI and to safe guard your web presence. The Risks are classified as Urgent, Critical, High, Medium and Low. Based on the severity the risks are mitigated immediately.

Backbone Connectivity

Arrow Servers are hosted in Fully Automated Virtual Data Centers with unmatched network speed and capacity, which eliminates bandwidth traffic jams. Multiple bandwidth backbones such as NLayer, Verizon, Level 3, Sprint, British Telecom, Internap, Comcast provide a redundant network availability along with numerous private peering arrangements, more than 170 Gbps of transit and peering capacity is available at any point of time.

Fully redundant network architecture with no single points of failure, More than 170 Gbps network bandwidth capacity and Maintenance / support contracts with all of our vendors, along with third party consultants, ensure constant uptime and availability.

Master Control Facility

Our Master Control Facility monitors key parameters of our virtual datacenter such as VLAN, Server Environment, Network continuously. Over 300 samples of data are taken and any given working time. These are continuously analyzed and any deviated is escalated with proper escalation procedure in place.