Reviews & Accreditations

Accolades & Ranking

Silicon House has been a leader in dedicated server hosting and cloud server hosting in India since 1998. We are powering more than 750,000 customers in 93 countries. We have helped a leading auction portal in India to expand world wide almost instantly. Our experts have managed to keep the cost as low as possible for a loan portal in USA, keeping in mind of their market condition without compromising on quality of delivery. We are the power behind one of the oldest university in India and a hot start-up in renewable energy relies on us for managing their business online.

Silicon House is a pioneer in introducing many services in web hosting industry in India. We are the pioneers in introducing Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting in India. This allows you to take of your core business where we take care of your online presence. We are the pioneers to introduced pre-hardened elastic cloud server hosting in India. On complex configuration side, we have been building bare metal servers or dedicated servers, clusters, cloud servers, hybrid servers for more than 19 years in India. We are the first company in India to build Fully Automated Virtual Data Center spanning three countries.

1. Silicon House is a fully accredited .IN registrar
2. Silicon House is ranked as TOP PERFORMING REGISTRAR in India by NIXI

Key Stats

1. We handle more than 55 million emails per day
2. Our Fully Automated Virtual Data Center network spans over three continents, four countries
3. Our servers power more than 750,000+ websites
4. We are pioneers in building Fully Automated Virtual Data Centers integrated with multi-location clouds
5. Innovation is our base and we consistently do that. Our innovative development has resulted in products and services such as XMAIL Trac, Super Reseller Suite, Arrow Shield, Arrow Streaming Servers, Biz Intel Reporting etc

Customer Reviews

“Becoming a Silicon House reseller is one of the crucial decisions that I have made in my life. I have built a web desiging company from scratch and serve hundreds of customers in my 10 years of association with Silicon House.”
– Mr.Sheriff, CEO, KASCO Software

“We develop ERP,CRM and ECOM applications for our customers around the globe. Being a reseller of Silicon House, we are able to provide complete solution to our customers and keep adding clients rather than worrying about managing their hosting solutions.”
– Mr.Arokiyaraja, RR Solutions

” I talk to my account manager about online strategy, evolving technologies, scaling up… everything except managing our server infrastructure. Because, I don’t have to. That’s Fully Managed Support by Silicon House – Rapid Action Force ”
– Mr.Abul Hassan, Manager – IT, Zebronics

“In our business, uptime, reliability and bandwidth are essential as we run mission critical applications catering to global users of large MNCs around.the.clock. For more than six years, Silicon House has served as an excellent partner by providing a world-class IT infrastructure that we rely on to support our customer base.”
– Mr.Saravanan, CEO, MouseBiz

” When we work on implementing cutting edge technologies for our customers, my development team has to work very closely with server providers. The expertise that Silicon House brings to the table about server side issues is where they score ahead of others. They are proactive and bring to our notice server-side issues before they are even noticed.” – Dr. P. Sekar Ph.D, CEO, AWATA Software Systems

” When we run a business that grows by leaps and bounds online, we need a partner who can proactively plan, recommend and implement a high performance solution that makes scaling up seamless. Silicon House offers the most practical and cost effective advise leveraging their in-depth experience gained over a decade. ” – Mr. Ganesh Kumar, Head – eBusiness Auctions, Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd

“Anytime i have a server issue, i speak to them over the phone. 5 to 10 minutes later they call me back, to let me know that my problem has been resolved. They make me feel like the owner of Silicon House” – Mr.Thekkiam Narayanan Dhananjayan, Director, THEKKIAM

“We have been a reseller of Silicon House since 2001. We are very much impressed by their support services. We keep adding their services in our portfolio and provide complete solution to our customers”
– Mr.Prabhu, MegaDreamsSoft