Silicon House, SiliconHouse.Net – Introduces 48GB DDR3 REG ECC RAM E5620 Servers introduces INTEL NEHALEM SERVERS with 48GB ram .

Latest buzz word in webhosting industry is NEHALEM

Its the latest Intel’s next generation processor architecture  introduced recently.

Nehalem is essentially a completely new family of Intel processors which have brought back Hyper Threading, feature an integrated memory controller (yes, AMD did that first) supporting DDR3 RAM, and have done away with the Front Side Bus (FSB) through Quick Path architecture (in an implementation not too different from AMD’s Hyper Transport) which allows for 25.6 GB/sec link: double the bandwidth as the X48 chipset’s 1.6 GHz FSB. Nehalem also can dynamically manage darn near everything: power, threads, cache, cores and bus.

SILICONHOUSE.NET  has introduced E5620 nehalem servers.

The hardware details are given below

Intel Quad Core Xeon 5620(two cpu processor)

  • 48 GB DDR3 RAM
  • [ First time in India in shared hosting ]
  • 4  x  1000 GB Hard Drives(4000gb of space)
  • Hardware RAID 10(For best Database applications and email performance)
  • 10,000 GB Bandwidth on 1000 Mbps Public Up Link

cPpanel 11.xx latest control panel with fantastico support.

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