Arrow DB Sync – Multi-Zone DB Replication

Arrow DB Sync is a flagship database syncing app which allows syncing of databases between two servers. The syncing is so precise that whatever is updated in the master is synced in the secondary server also without setting up any replication. Arrow DB sync works in such a way that you can choose to enable secondary when the primary is under maintenance or failure. Imagine if the master database server fails, the slave will automatically promote to a master and start working within few seconds.

Arrow DB Sync is a synchronous database replication for a high availability. The best case usage will be for servers in the same network, however this can also be used for database servers in multiple locations. This requires at least two dedicated database servers with min 1 Gbps private connectivity.

Advantages Of Arrow DB Sync

1. Replication is almost instantaneous
2. Secondary is promoted as Primary automatically in case the primary has network or hardware issues
3. Can handle Split Brain issue automatically
4. No Mysql Level replication settings is required
5. Can be used within a Private Lan to servers across multiple locations