Arrow App Sync – Sync MultiZone Apps Layer Seamlessly

Arrow Apps Sync - High Availability Solutions
Arrow App Sync is a part of High Availability Solution. Arrow App Sync allows you to sync all your application layers with the master application server on the fly. One of the bottleneck in implementing multiple application servers or file servers is syncing them on the fly so that users will stay upto date when connected to any of the application server.

Arrow App Sync is light weight application that can sync multiple slave application servers to a single master application server. Options to overwrite, retain files enables syncing as well as archiving. Arrow App Sync requires at least two server instances in order to implement application syncing. The entire syncing operation is done over SSL or VPN, thus making it more secure and reliable.

Arrow App Sync is a multizone application layer syncing solution. Server instances located in different geographical locations can be synced simultaneously. For large application / file server syncing