SiliconHouse.Net – Free Lock/UnLock facility

SiliconHouse.Net Offers you Free Lock/UnLock Feature

The Domain Name Lock feature provides the most security for your domain name. It will prevent any changes to your domain name.

Apart from enabling Theft protection for a domain name, you may also place a Lock on it. Applying a Lock on any domain name, has the following effects:

When you place a Lock on a domain name, all actions available for domain names may still be performed by only you or SiliconHouse.Net.

Types of Actions possible from the Order Details view

1]Contact Details modification

2]Name Servers modification

3]Child Name Servers modification

4]Theft Protection,


6]Internal Move/Push/Transfer to another Customer Account, etc.

A Transfer [Away] Request for this domain name to another Registrar will fail at the Registry itself and will not be allowed (also supported by Theft Protection.

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