Introducing an advanced back up solution in windows – Arrow SQL Arc :

Silicon House the store house of innovation have introduced a new SQL back up Management product named “Arrow SQL Arc “. The Arrow SQL Arc is a powerful tool with which back up of the SQL database in windows is taken at periodic intervals (Weekly basis) automatically.

The presence of SQL Arc has made the job of the user less laborious. With the help of SQL Arc the weekly back up of the SQL database will be dumped automatically under the user’s ftp account for each of his domain individually. The dumped back up can be restored by the user by downloading it from the FTP account.

The highlight of the Arrow SQL Arc is that the user need not require to connect with the SQL management studio for the purpose of taking back up , once the feature is enabled in the user account the backup will run automatically for every week and the backup will be placed under the FTP account .Thus making it user friendly and time saving.

The added advantage of Arrow SQL Arc is that such an unseen product is available at very low cost which is affordable by everyone.

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