Video On Demand (VOD) – Siliconhouse:

Siliconhouse a pioneer in Media streaming has a great degree of expertise in managing On Demand streaming.

Video On Demand is a kind of streaming technology in which the live events can be recorded and viewed by the user whenever required. The Live events may include seminars , prayers , symposium, Wedding events ,Movies, Songs Play lists, Streaming  TV event and other Personal / Social events.

The major advantage of On Demand Streaming  is that it allows the end-user to  view the video quickly . This benefits both the end-user and the host site. In Video On Demand the viewer can select a time that is convenient for them to watch the video which is an added advantage of it.

In comparison with the live streaming  , the video that is encoded for on-demand viewing has higher quality. So video-on-demand is usually much more suitable than live streaming video for the majority of business  applications . The protocol used for streaming the video is the RTMP protocol .The video contents used in streaming should be in FLV format.

Siliconhouse promotes two different packages named Nano and Economy  in on demand streaming at affordable pricing.

You can get more details about on demand  video streaming at

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