GPS Tracking Server Hosting

GPS Tracking Server Hosting with Traccar in dedicated server hosting allows you to run your own GPS Tracking Server. There is no limit on number of devices to track with these GPS Tracking Server. However choosing the correct hardware will perform optimally. One key advantage in above GPS Tracking Server is that it can run Traccar GPS Tracking Server as well as your portal developed using php, mysql and other supported technologies. Such a flexibility results in huge cost savings.

Why GPS Tracking Server Hosting with Silicon House ?

1. Pre Installed Traccar GPS Tracking Software
2. Optimized Settings
3. Run GPS Tracking Software in your OWN Domain Name
4. Run GPS Tracking Software as well as your portal in the same server
5. Dedicated IPs, Ample Bandwidth, 1 Gbps Port Speed

For more details you can check the below link.