Virtual Private Network

Firewall and Virtual Private Network for Enterprise Grade Protection

Firewall and Virtual Private Network are key component of an Enterprise’s Security. With more and more vulnerabilities exposed and various threats arising out of it, Firewall has become more of a necessity than a luxury. While software based firewall is widely used, Dedicated Hardware Firewall is fast picking pace as providing an overall protection from outside threats to an organisation’s web presence or network.

Devices such as CISCO ASA series provide ultimate protection from outside threats as well as meets compliance requirements for enterprises in financial, medical, stock trading, insurance, bio metric authentication fields etc.

Firewall and Virtual Private Network

CISCO ASA devices are Next Generation Firewall which are adaptive, threat focused. CISCO ASA Firewall provide granular control over network security with object, group and service level configurations. Dedicated Hardware Firewalls provide state of the art security standing in the edge of the network. This allows a hardware firewall to scan every packet. A dedicated firewall will also free up the resources of the servers when compared software firewalls.

CISCO Adapative Security Appliance with Fire Power provides shield protection from advanced threats and malwares. NGIPS provides next generation intrusion detection and protection. One key advantage in CISCO ASA devices is that the Application Visibility Control, which can act as a Intrusion Prevention System at the application level from known vulnerabilities.

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