What should I do with site that have high Inode Counts ?

Number Of Files: The number files that are created / uploaded in a website may not exceed 75000 files at any given time. Sites that create or delete large number of files on a regular basis affect disk integrity.

1. Stacking large number of emails increases inodes and results in file system corruption. It also hinders various server level processes from functioning at normal load. Hence all mails has to be downloaded from the server then and there. Hosting accounts cannot be used as email storage space. Sites that use higher than this limit has to be upgraded to next available accounts that allows usage higher than this as per Silicon House’s recommendation.

2. Hosting space cannot be used for data storage or backup dumping. This also increases the number of files thus resulting in higher number of inodes in your account. Such accounts will create issues for normal disk functioning. Hence it has to be upgraded to avoid problems to other websites.

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