How do I Get Comodo SSL for my Domain ?


Silicon House offers Positive, Comodo SSL and Extended Validation SSL Certificates for Domain Verification, Business Verification Encryption respectively. Positive SSL can be used for static websites. The Comodo SSL can be used for Ecommerce Portals / Online Shopping. And the Extended Validation SSL Certificates are suggested for ERP / CRM and Other Applications.

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Through SSL encryption, the certificate assures that information is kept private between your web server and your clients’ web browsers. With this SSL Certificate you will get upto 256-bit SSL encryption that’s fully compatible with the leading web browsers from Microsoft, Firefox etc.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates are premium SSL certificates which will validate both your domain name as well as business. Hence you will have a

1. Higher Level of Trust Among Your Customers
2. Increase in Shopping Cart / Online Order Conversions
3. Higher Preference in Google Ranking
4. Less Shopping Cart Drop Outs
5. Provides a very level of encryption for your DATA
6. Above all, when visiting your website, the browser address bar will be GREEN,
giving a secure visual cue for your customers

Avail this unbelievably low price INTRODUCTION OFFER and secure your EV SSL certificate immediately.

Positive SSL – Rs.1499 per year
Comodo Extended Validation SSL – Rs. 9999 per year
Comodo SSL – Rs.3999 per year
Positive SSL Wild Card – Rs.4,999 per year

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Also note that SSL Certificates require dedicated IP to be allotted for that domain name. Dedicated IP is charged at Rs.1499 per annum. You can put your own pricing for your clients.