Linux Cloud Server Hosting

Enterprise Cloud Stack - Enterprise Grade Cloud Server Hosting

Linux Cloud Server Hosting

An Enterprise Grade Cloud Server Hosting with complete stack of Compute, Storage, Load Balancers, Firewall, DNS, Database and Hybrid with Bare Metal Servers.


Spin Up hundreds of Enterprise Cloud Instances instantly. Compute Cloud Instances are specifically optimized for high performance to run enterprise grade applications.
Linux Cloud Server Hosting Features

1 Core to 32 Cores CPU Options
512 MB to 256 GB RAM Options
FREE 1 Gbps Private Networking
FREE cPanel / WHM [ Centos Only ]
Unlimited Domains Hosting
Arrow Platform Apps Bundle

Linux Distributions Available


Enterprise Cloud Stack

Enterprise Cloud Stack is state-of-the-art enterprise grade Cloud Stack which can be scaled from 512 MB to 256 GB RAM for a single instance. One key feature about Enterprise Cloud Stack is, it can be integrated with bare metal environment in a private cloud for highest security and compliance requirement. Enterprise Cloud Stack allows you to spin off instances with in seconds and scale them up on the fly. The distributed architecture of compute,network and storage provides a very stable performance.

Linux Cloud Server Hosting is built over Enterprise Cloud Stack technology and powered by Arrow Server Platform. It allows you to run your application / portals in cloud server instances that can be scaled up in key resources such as CPU, RAM, Storage instantly. The Cloud Server Hosting Instances can also be combined with Bare Metal Servers over private network, thus allowing to build a hybrid hosting environment which can support any type of load as well as technology platform. Arrow Shield provides state of the art on demand and on access protection for your dedicated servers.

Linux Cloud Server Hosting Support

dedicated-server-hosting-india-supportCloud Server hosting is pre-hardened with optimal configuration and security systems in place. Linux Cloud Server Hosting is self managed and hence cloud instance management and backup has to be managed from your side. Centos cloud instances come with cPanel control panel which allows easy management of your cloud instances using cPanel/WHM. Silicon House – Rapid Action Force offers world class support for cloud server hosting in India through chat, phone and our member portal.


Simple, Straight Forward Pricing



Disk Space
Control Panel


Pricing :
per month
Memory : 1 GB RAM
vCPU : 2 vCPU
Disk Space : 20 GB
Bandwidth : 1 TB per month
Control Panel: FREE cPanel/WHM
Pricing :
Rs.1999 ($29)
per month
Memory : 2 GB RAM
vCPU : 2 vCPUs
Disk Space : 40 GB
Bandwidth : 2 TB per month
Control Panel: FREE cPanel/WHM


Pricing :
Rs.2999 ($49)
per month
Memory : 3 GB RAM
vCPU : 3 vCPUs
Disk Space : 80 GB
Bandwidth : 4 TB per month
Control Panel: FREE cPanel/WHM


Pricing :
Rs.3999 ($69)
per month
Memory : 4 GB RAM
vCPU : 4 vCPUs
Disk Space : 160 GB
Bandwidth : 5 TB per month
Control Panel: FREE cPanel/WHM

Video: Enterprise Cloud Stack


Is cPanel / WHM control panel FREE in my Cloud Server Hosting ?

Yes, cPanel / WHM control panel is FREE in Centos based Cloud Server Hosting Only. Since cPanel / WHM requires minimum 1 GB RAM, it is available in Cloud Server Hosting Instances that have 1 or more than 1 GB RAM.

What are the linux distros available in my Linux Cloud Server Hosting ?

Linux Cloud Server Hosting powered by Enterprise Cloud Stack is available for CentOS, Ubuntu, SuSe, Debian distributions.

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