Why SiliconHouse.Net ???

1. Lowest transaction rate in the country: Silicon House is one of the largest hosting company in Asia. Silicon House has exclusive tie-up with leading financial institutions which allows lesser transaction rate [ charged for every transaction made ] in the country. Most importantly, unlike others, we do not keep chain of commissions paid to others from your transactions. This allows us to provide payment gateways at unbelievably lower transaction rates.

2. Quickest Processing Time: We have been helping thousands of customers around the world to enable ecom. This gives us enormous advantage over others. We know the exact requirements and pre-requisites for enabling payment gateways. You can go live within minutes from your approval. Our processes take 75% lesser time when compared to others. You can track each and every stage of your Payment Gateway processing in our Automated Service Engine.

3. Secured: All our payment processing engines are 128 bit SSL secured. All the hardware and software meet the security requirements of VISA / MASTER standards. ControlScan Vulnerability Scans for more than 14000 vulnerabilities regularly.

4. Fully Integrated Development and R&D Team: All our development and r&d activities are done in-house. Unlike others we do not outsource our critical development or r&d requirements. This allows us full control over the entire system.

5. Complete Ebiz Suite: Silicon House is the only company in India to provide End to End ebusiness solution. We are an accredited .in domain registrar and host more than 80,000 for customers in over 36 countries. Right from domain registration, hosting, shopping cart, payment gateway integration and search engine marketing, Silicon House can be your one stop shop for your online strategy.

6. Multiple Options: Due to our huge market presence, we have tied up with multiple back end payment processing streams. This allows you to choose the best choice among various options. Unlike others you will not be stuck with one option thus jeopardizing your entire online business.

7. Silicon House – Rapid Action Force ™, Industry’s most acclaimed support system: Silicon House offers world class support for its customers worldwide through;

24 hrs support with our Automated Service Engine
Exhaustive, informative Help Desk
In house call center
Rapid Action – Trouble Ticketing System

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