Dedicated Servers-10 important tips for high availability solution

Dedicated Servers

are now available with very high hardware configurations such as 512 GB RAM, 4 TB Disks, Dual Octa Core Processor etc. With internet boom, every one are getting internet access compare compare to olden days. Nowadays online portals like eCommerce , CRM sites are increasing. So handling such kind of sites is very crucial. This post will give you tips for high availability solution in dedicated server to handle millions of hits to your website.

Choose Right Hardware For Server

Choosing a right kind of hardware will be first step for handing huge portals. Basically factors such as CPU, RAM, HDD will play major role in the hardware section. Every one will know that we need to choose high cpu,RAM,HDD, but key point is what kind of combination of these 3 factor will work good and give best result. Increase in CPU and Decrease in RAM will still give out normal performance. So choose the right combination of your hardware’s. When it comes to drive you will have to plan it very efficiently considering your application size and database size and other factors like backup size etc.

Choose Premium Network

Strong Network connectivity will give best result to the client who access the websites.Network is one of the key factor for page load speed from used point. When your high end dedicated servers are configured in poor network then the user will not get faster response. So keep your dedicated server in premium network.Minimum of 1 GBPS to 10GBPS are available which can be selected for your dedicated server. Content deliver network can be used in your dedicated server which will make your pages load faster from the user’s perspective.

Optimized application code

Running your application optimized is very important. Apart from high end dedicated server and good network, highly optimized application will help to handle huge hits. Scripting languages like php,asp,,java will have different methods to run it efficiently. So when you put optimized code, it will take less time to load you the response.

Optimized database

A very large database with out optimization will affect the performance of your website. Busy database is going to take most your dedicated server resources and decrease page load speed. So database schema should be planned before you go big in live.

Scaling applications layer

Application layer should be always scalable. Multiple application layer can able to handle many hits.Hits can be diverted to each application layer and when one application layer goes down, the other application layer can be made up either manually or using loadbalancer.

Scaling database layer

Database layer also should be scalable. But this is very difficult to do it. Only with proper database developer this can be achieved. With the help of db developer you can replicate the database.

Server In Multiple Locations

Both application and database can be maintained in different network locations. So one network goes offline, you can able to make the other network up and running fine. This can be achieved using load balancer and global load balancer. Normal load balancer can be configured with in the same network. Global load balancer can be configured in different network. With the help of load balancer your websites can be made to run with nearly 100% uptime.

Replication of application

In application scalability, syncing of application layer is very crucial in order to make sure all the data is synced between all application layer. It can be achieved using products like Arrow App Sync.

Replication of database

In database scalability, syncing of database layer is very crucial in order to make sure all the data is synced between all database layer. It can be achieved using products like Arrow DB Sync.