Dedicated Servers – 5 Points that you should check before buying

Dedicated Server Hosting configurations that you wish to buy must be evaluated on the 5 important features

1. CPU / RAM / Disks configurations of the dedicated server
2. Dedicated Server Control Panel
3. Server Port Speed
4. Bandwidth Allotted to the server per month
5. FREE IPs, One Click Installers / Backbone Connectivity of the dedicated server

1. CPU / RAM / Disks configurations of the dedicated server:

To a larger extent performance of a dedicated server depends on hardware config such as CPU [ single quad core, dual quad core etc ], RAM [ Amount of RAM as well as type of RAM ], Disks [ Sata, SSD, SAS etc ]. Processor’s Clock Rate, Hyper threading also plays and important role in performance. SSD drives can easily perform better than SATA drives as it does not have any moving parts.

2. Dedicated Server Control Panel:

Control panels such as cPanel, Plesk reduce the system administration time as well as allow multiple users to do small business web hosting setup, email management, database management etc. It is important to have a control panel if you wish to share the server resource with other departments. For managed dedicated servers india which are aimed at selling reseller web hosting india, control panel is a must.

3. Server Port Speed:

Port Speed is like a pipe line which connects your dedicated server to the backbone internet connectivity in the data center. Even if the server is powerful, if port speed is less, then it can slow delivery of webpages considerably. Even cheap dedicated servers india come with 1 Gbps port speed nowadays.

4. Bandwidth Allotted to the Dedicated Server:

Ample bandwidth allows you to handle spikes in bandwidth usage due to increase in users, rich media content, ddos attack without worrying about bills due to bandwidth overage. 15 TB to 25 TB bandwidth per month is a decent bandwidth allocation for a dedicated server.

5. FREE IPs / Backbone Highway:

Addons such FREE IPs, One click installer such as Softaculous can allow you to use features such as SSL certificates, run your own name servers, use multiple ips for your mail servers etc. They also save money. Backbone connectivity is very important to make sure that uniform access of website is possible in multiple locations and in multiple networks. Instead of a fluctuating network that has loads of routing issues, it is better to choose a stable hosting network even at a premium. This will ensure the user experience id good for your customers.