VPS Hosting that is Powerful and Affordable

Silicon House’s VPS Hosting is built by adapting Cloud Computing technology with very flexible virtualization using Bare Metal Hypervisor. Built over Arrow Server Platform with Kernel based Virtual Machine, it is flexible, highly secure and reliable.

Virtual Private Server Hosting [ VPS Hosting ] is running a virtual machines in a Bare Metal Hardware with the help of a hypervisor. To put it in a very simple terms, you can run multiple virtual machines with various operating system in a single hardware simultaneously with the help of a Hypervisor. The primary role of a Hypervisor is to interact with the Hardware on behalf of all these virtual machines with the help of device drivers.

SSD or Solid State Drives are hard drives that do not have any moving parts. This makes them function faster when compared to traditional spindle based hard drives. Because a Solid State Drive does not have any moving parts, it is found to perform atleast 10 times faster than a traditional spindle based hard drive. Silicon House used SSD Drives with RAID 10 which provides superior performance and at the same time a very high stability.

VPS Hosting [ Virtual Private Servers ] with SSD, 1 Gbps Port Speed, Dual Xeon Processor is Powerful, yet at a very affordable cost. Get Full Root Access, Scale Up at any time makes VPS Hosting the best suit for running small applications or sandbox environments.