silicon house : Windows cloud web hosting with plesk control panel


 Silicon House fully managed windows cloud servers

Silicon House Windows Cloud Servers come with Windows 2008 and IIS 7.0. You can run asp, and other web applications developed for windows platform. You will have remote access with remote desktop and can install any third party software such as crystal report or register any DLL.

Who should use Silicon House Windows Cloud Servers?

  1. If your application requires third party applications such as crystal reports, office ocx to be installed.
  2. If you require Administrator level access to install new software exe, create user groups etc.
  3. If you require to increase or decrease the server resources such as memory, cpu, disk space during spikes in application users or usage.
  4. If you wish to run web services or SOAP API for others to connect to you in a particular port.
  5. If you are running ERP or CRM applications where client data need to be kept isolated from other users.

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