Virtual Online Classroom Servers

Virtual Online Classroom Servers

Virtual Classroom Cloud Servers
Online Learning, Any Time, Any Where, Any Device
  • Virtual Online Classroom Servers allows education institutions like Schools, Colleges, Private Coaching Centers and Individual Tutors to Educate, Train and Collaborate with their students over Internet. It’s all done at the fraction of the cost that is incurred offline.

    Virtual Online Classroom Servers
    come with features such as White Board, Audio / Video Conferencing, Shared Presentations, Videos, Virtual Room Management, Polling, Public Chat etc.

[ * Varies based on Server Config., Number of meetings, Users per meeting, Internet Speed of Users etc. Do Stress test to arrive at optimal users per meeting. ]

Rs.16999 / mo
Intel Dual Hexa Core
2 X 1 TB SATA Drives
5 IPs
25 TB / Mo Bandwidth
1Gbps Port Speed
Ubuntu OS
White Board, Share Presentation, Meeting Password Protection, Own Branding, SSL Protection, API Integration
Unlimited Meeting Hosts, Unlimited Participants, Unlimited Meetings. Recommended Upto 50 Participants Per Meeting *
Rs.29999 / mo
Intel Dual Hexa Core
128 GB RAM
2 X 1 TB SATA Drives
5 IPs
30 TB / Mo Bandwidth
1Gbps Port Speed
Ubuntu OS
White Board, Share Presentation, Meeting Password Protection, Own Branding, SSL Protection, API Integration
Unlimited Meeting Hosts, Unlimited Participants, Unlimited Meetings. Screen Sharing, Audio / Video Meeting, Webinars. Recommended Upto 100 Participants Per Meeting *
Rs.39999 / mo
Intel Dual Hexa Core
256 GB RAM
2 X 1 TB SATA Drives
5 IPs
30 TB / Mo Bandwidth
1Gbps Port Speed
Ubuntu OS
White Board, Share Presentation, Meeting Password Protection, Own Branding, SSL Protection, API Integration
Unlimited Meeting Hosts, Unlimited Participants, Unlimited Meetings. Screen Sharing, Audio / Video Meeting, Webinars, Web Based Admin Module. Recommended Upto 150 Participants Per Meeting *

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Virtual Online Classroom Features
Virtual Online Classroom Servers

  • Virtual Online Classroom Servers are built with state-of-the-art server hardware specifically built for handling Audio/Video Conferencing, Document Sharing etc.

  • Optimized Hardware and Premium Bandwidth Network allows you to have uniform online experience across the globe.

  • Powered by Ubuntu OS, Virtual Online Classroom Servers come with SSL [ Secured Socket Layer ] enabled interface, allows granular control over who can attend a meeting for enhanced security.

Virtual Online Classroom
White Board

  • Virtual Online Classrooms are enabled with White Board. Using White Board, Teachers can explain a session in detail and Shared White Boards allows Students to also interact in a White Board allowing effective collaboration.

  • Advanced E-learning, One to One learning will be more effective with such White Boards shared by Teachers as well as Students.

  • Teachers, Meeting Hosts can also Share Presentation, Documents which can be viewed by students / participants.

Virtual Online Classroom Features
Audio / Video Conferencing

  • Virtual Online Classrooms allows Teachers / Meeting Hosts to interact with Students / Participants via Audio / Video Conferencing. Video Conferencing is effective for small audience while Audio Conferencing allows to reach wider audiences.

  • Usually Teachers / Meeting Hosts conduct meetings only one way, where in the participants can view/hear the meeting and interact later via Audio / Video.

  • Public chat allows chat with other participants too. You can chat, share emoji etc in your web chat.

Virtual Online Classroom Features
Web Based Admin Module

  • A Web Based Admin Module allows you to create Meeting Hosts, Users, Meeting Rooms etc.

  • It also allows you to view the statistics of each meeting.

  • Key functions such as Enable/Disable Users, Customizing Meeting Room Interface, Creating Meeting Rooms, Sending Invites and much more can be performed using the Web Based Admin Module.

Web Hosting Discounts
Silicon House – Rapid Action Force

  • Silicon House – Rapid Action Force offers world class support through chat, phone and our member portal.

  • All our key server infrastructure is continuously monitored with hundreds of samples are taken at any given time.

  • With more than Two Decades of experience and expertise, Silicon House is the power on your side.

Video: Why Buy Dedicated Servers ?

Client Speak:
” When we work on implementing cutting edge technologies for our customers, my development team has to work very closely with server providers. The expertise that Silicon House brings to the table about server side issues is where they score ahead of others. They are proactive and bring to our notice server-side issues before they are even noticed.” – Dr. P. Sekar Ph.D, CEO, AWATA Software Systems

Dedicated Servers FAQ

What control panel do you provide in Dedicated Servers ?

Control Panel is an administration software which can be used to manage key functions of a web presence such as Add/Edit/Delete Domains, Emails, Databases. It also allows you to choose the scripting language you wish enable and perform other management tasks such as file upload, redirects, forwards, ssl installation etc. Silicon House Dedicated Servers supports Direct Admin, cPanel / WHM and Plesk control panels based on the server you purchase. The pricing for each server with control panels varies.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting ?

Dedicated Server Hosting is a type of web hosting where in the entire server hardware is being used by a single customer or a customer’s web applications. Typically in a shared business hosting 100s of websites are hosted in a single server. These 100s of websites belongs to many different customers. But in case of Dedicated Servers Hosting, the whole hardware resources such as CPU, RAM, DISK along with complete administrative privilege is enjoyed by a single customer. He may choose to host a single web site or many of his web applications.

Dedicated Server has the following advantages;

1. Since the entire server is used by a single customer, relatively is more secure.
2. You will be able to install any third party software or applications as you like as you with admin or root access.
3. Gives complete control of key resources like CPU, MEMORY, DISK. This enables your to optimize various settings of your server such as web server, database, email access, firewall, network etc.
4. It can be used to run resource intensive applications like ERP, CRM, CMS etc as it is more secure and does not share resource like CPU, MEMORY, DISK with other users.
5. Comes with complete control and root access thus allowing you to keep it open for public use or close it for internal use alone.

Do you provide RAID 1 hard drives in linux dedicated server?

Linux / Java Dedicated Server Hosting comes with 2 Drives by default. This can be either used as 2 individual drives or with FREE software RAID 1. Raid Allows you to mirror data among two drives thus increasing the disk redundancy for failure. However, you can also use the secondary drive as a backup drive if required.

Technical Details

The key factors that determine the performance of the Best Dedicated Servers Hosting are

1. Scale-able Hardware / Software Platform with High Availability
2. Optimized and Pre-Hardened OS / Scripting
3. FREE Feature Rich Control Panel
4. Premium Bandwidth Network Backbone
5. Managed Dedicated Servers

Linux Dedicated Servers Features - Hardware and PlatformScale-able Hardware / Software Platform with High Availability: Dedicated Servers come with wide range of hardware options such as Dual Core to Dual Octa Core Processors, 4 GB to 512 GB RAM, 1 TB to 4 TB SATA, 240 GB to 960 GB SSD Hard Disks. Such wide range allows scale-ability of a dedicated server with ease and within shortest duration. Linux based OS with Apache, Mysql, Postgres, Bind allows easy scale-ability from the platform side. Arrow Global Load Balancer, Arrow Db Sync, Any Cast Dns allows scaling hardware as well as platform across servers in multiple locations.

Linux Dedicated Servers Features - Os and ScriptingOptimized and Pre-Hardened OS / Scripting: In Dedicated Servers, Operating System and Scripting Language functioning are very vital for robust performance. Optimization allows better performance in any given hardware. Particularly OS and scripting level optimization can show a drastic increase in performance. This ultimately results in better User Satisfaction. Pre-hardened OS and scripting languages offer better protection from vulnerabilities which is very vital for User Trust. All our dedicated servers come with Arrow Platform which provides such optimization and per-hardening be it bare metal dedicated servers or cloud server hosting.

Cheap Dedicated Servers Hosting Features - Control PanelFREE Feature Rich Control Panel: Silicon House offers Cheap Dedicated Servers with FREE DirectAdmin for managing key functions such as adding domains, managing ftp, edit dns, create and restore mysql databases, sub domains etc. One click installers such as Softaculous allows you to install open source applications like wordpress, joomla and hundreds more in a single click. You will also be able to restart services via DirectAdmin Panel, manage software firewall, get complete root access to your server via DirectAdmin panel as well as SSH.

Cheap Dedicated Servers Features - Premium NetworkPremium Bandwidth Network Backbone: Port speed and the Backbone Connectivity determines uniform functioning of websites hosted in your linux dedicated servers. With 1 Gbps Port Speed and 160 Gbps Backbone Connectivity from multiple providers, your dedicated servers should run smoothly non-stop 24X7, 365 Days. Autossl allows FREE SSL Certificates for all the domains that are hosted in your server.

Linux Dedicated Servers Features - AddonsManaged Dedicated Servers: Silicon House – Rapid Action Force offers world class managed and pre-hardened dedicated servers. All our dedicated servers are monitored with more than 300 samples taken at any given time.

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