Fully Managed Cloud Servers

Fully Managed Cloud Servers

YBOX Cloud is a new way of delivering IT infrastructure for enterprise hosting. YBOX Cloud lets you deploy and scale computing instances on the fly. It is developed over Citrix Xen Server and are based on a minimum of 2.0 GHz processor. Computing clouds servers are cloud instances which are used for running ERP, large portals, rich media contents etc. You will have root access to the cloud instance and each instance behaves like a dedicated server by itself.

The key advantage in a Computing Cloud Server is features such as RAM, Disk Space, Computing Clycles can be scaled up or down whenever required on the fly. Moreover, the cloud environment is less prone to failures due to design level automatic failure recovery mechanisms.

Cloud Server Management: Fully Managed Cloud Server is a part of YBOX Cloud environment. The cloud instances are continuously monitored and more than 300 samples are collected on key parameters in a day. These cloud server require little or no system admin skill at all. YBOX Cloud Servers are pre-hardened with YBOX Shield, one of the comprehensive server security suite. Silicon House – Rapid Action Force provides 24X7 monitoring and management. You will get unlimited assistance in identifying, troubleshooting and preventing any issues that arise in your server environment. Learn more about how our support system works.

YBox Cloud Server Environment: YBOX Cloud Servers are instances that come with pre-hardened security software and pre-loaded server software. The entire environment is pre-built and tested in real time environment for over 170 man hours. Such a rigours hardware and software testing helps in identifying and rectifying 70 % of the issues that occur in a enterprise level dedicated server environment. Above all YBOX Cloud Servers come with cutting edge YBOX Apps like XMAIL Trac, Super Reseller Suite etc, which allows greater monetization of your server.

Network & Security: Robust DOS shields prevent our networks from Denial Of Service Attacks. All our cloud servers are installed with ON ACCESS & ON DEMAND virus scanners. The systems are regularly updated with Software updates. YBOX Shield, industry’s most comprehensive intrusion detection and prevention shield works in tandem with our DOS shields. YBOX Cloud Servers comes with pre-installed security components which makes it more secure and stable.

FAVDC: YBOX Cloud Servers run in our Fully Automated Virtual Data Center. Our virtual data center is spread over US, UK, Canada and India. This allows us to offers more stable and reliable hosting services with zero risk. Multiple bandwidth backbones such as Verio, Time-Warner, Sprint, British Telecom provide a redundant network availability.

Multiplatform Solutions: Cloud instances are available in standard Linux, Windows, Java platforms. This allows your to cater to variety of clients with different hosting requirements.


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Linux Clouds:

Centos Linux is the industry’s most comprehensive suite of linux solution designed expressly for mission-critical enterprise computing and certified by top enterprise software vendors. It delivers the highest levels of reliability and value, coupling the innovation of open source technology and the stability of a true enterprise-class platform.

Who should use Linux?

Linux is one of the most stable operating system available for web platform. Apache web server in linux serves almost 70% of web pages in internet. Linux is less prone for spam and virus attack. It is very ideal for corporate mailing solutions, running large scale php, mysql applications, html web pages. It can also be used as a stable dns server.

Java Clouds:

Java Server Pages (JSP) technology enables Web developers and designers to rapidly develop and easily maintain, information-rich, dynamic Web pages that leverage existing business systems.

Who should use Java?

Java based hosting (tomcat) is used to serve cutting edge applications which are developed in jsp or servlets. Because of its advanced features and open in nature, any major portal that runs innovative application online uses java as a development platform. Hence java hosting is ideal for applications that are developed in jsp, servlets platform.

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