Arrow SQLArc

Arrow SQL Arc is state of the art sql db backup management tool which allows you to dump backup of your sql databases of all your domains in your Linux / Windows Dedicated Servers or Reseller Web Hosting Account. By enabling this, you will be able to dump daily/weekly backup of your sql dbs automatically under the ftp of each website in Dedicated Server / Reseller Web Hosting Account. This backup can be downloaded easily thro ftp. Arrow SQL Arc comes in two versions namely, Server Version, Reseller Version.

How it works ?

Once Arrow SQL Arc is enabled, db backup of all sql databases under each domain name in your Linux / Windows Dedicated Server or Reseller Web Hosting Account is dumped. This can be easily downloaded via ftp by you / your clients. The dump can run as per schedule in Dedicated Servers and once in a week in your Reseller Web Hosting Account. You / Your client can keep downloading the backup regularly via ftp.

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Advantages of Arrow SQL Arc

1. Sql database under each domain in your dedicated server / reseller web hosting account is dumped. Hence your customer can keep downloading backup regularly
2. Arrow SQL Arc automatically detects new database created in any domain in your cPanel / Plesk under your dedicated server / reseller web hosting account and dumps them too in the subsequent backup schedule
3. The database dump is stored in a secured folder and hence it can be accessed only by authorized users
4. The backup dump is overwritten on a scheduled / weekly basis. This saves space usage in your client’s website
5. Your clients need not connect thro sql studio and take backup in a laborious way as this tool will automatically dump the backup under ftp.

Remote Archiving Using Arrow App Sync

Combining Arrow App Sync with Arrow SQL Arc will be a powerful remote database archiving solution. Regular scheduled backups from your Dedicated Server Hosting can be archived in remote backup location instantly. This is a vital part of High Availability Solution.