Dedicated Servers Hosting Built For Performance

Dedicated Servers Built For Performance

Powered By Intel Processors Server
High Performance DDR3 RAM [ 4 GB to 512 GB Options ]
Enterprise SATA / SSD with RAID options
5 Dedicated IPs
1 Gbps Port Speed
Centos, Ubuntu, Cloud Linux, Windows OS Options
FREE cPanel / WHM, Plesk Control Panel
FREE Softaculous
FREE Payment Gateway

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Hosting, Fully brand-able deployed in 256 GB RAM, Dual Hexa Core Servers with SSD Caching, gives you unmatched features enabling you to earn Higher Profit.

Dedicated Servers - Managed

Dedicated Server Hosting, Fully managed with FREE cPanel, Plesk Control Panel, 1 Gbps Port Speed, 5 IPs starting from Rs.4999 on wards. Powered by Arrow Server Platform.

Product Spotlight: Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Hosting Explained

reseller-web-hosting-infographics-thumbnailUnderstand Reseller Web Hosting, Silicon House’s Infrastructure, Web Hosting Server Configuration through this Infographics about Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Hosting – Ebook

Reseller Web Hosting - EbookDownload Reseller Web Hosting Ebook with key insights on market potential, facts, tips to choose the right Reseller Web Hosting Plan to build your own global business

Reseller Hosting Promos

Reseller Web Hosting Sale - 25 % OffSign Up for Reseller Hosting at 25 % off from regular price. Browse the Reseller Web Hosting Plans, learn more about it’s features and get Promo Code for 25% off

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting - SSD Virtual Private Servers are built over bare metal hypervisor with KVM virtualisation. Powered by premium Intel Hardware and Raided Solid State Drives, VPS Hosting offers best in class performance at a very competitive pricing. Virtual Private Servers allow full root access with FREE cPanel control panel. Read More >>

Small Business Web Hosting

Small Business Web Hosting is a cost effective, feature rich web hosting plan best suited for Small and Medium Size Enterprises. It allows Small Businesses to enjoy the same benefits of a Corporate Web Hosting but in a scaled down version.
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