Semi Dedicated Web Hosting Linux

Semi Dedicated Web Hosting Features designed for Enterprise Applications

Linux Semi Dedicated Web Hosting plans are high-end, robust hosting solution which allows you to run resource intensive applications or websites powered by Cloud Linux OS. Based on the application that is required to be hosted, 1/4 th or 1/8 th or 1/12 th etc of a dedicated server is allotted for a Semi Dedicated Server.

Advantages of Semi Dedicated Web Hosting

System Resource Allocation: Unlike shared hosting packages, Semi Dedicated Web Hosting plans have huge space, bandwidth, memory allocation. This allows you to host resource intensive corporate applications or websites.
Performance: Semi Dedicated Web Hosting plans are specifically fine tuned and optimized for high performance even at peak load. Since the resource allocation is high, intensive applications can be run with ease. Tweaks such as SPRI – changes the priority of different processes in accordance to level of importance, hence increasing server performance
Cost Savings: When compared to Dedicated Servers, this account offers a huge cost savings.
NEW ! Multi-Zone Load Balancing using Arrow Global Load Balancer [ Shared ] with multiple Semi Dedicated Web Hosting instances

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Nano Semi Dedicated Hosting
Rs.35000/year ($500)
Rs.29999 / year
25 GB Disk Space
100 GB Bandwidth
1 Domain Hosting
Hosted in Intel Xeon Dual Hexa Core 256 GB RAM with SSD Caching
SPECIAL ! Arrow Shield,Google SiteMaps, Cloud Flare Protection, Responsive Site Builder
Power Semi Dedicated Hosting
Rs.55000/year ($785)
Rs.49999 / year
50 GB Disk Space
250 GB Bandwidth
1 Domain Hosting
Hosted in Intel Xeon Dual Hexa Core 256 GB RAM with SSD Caching
SPECIAL ! Arrow Shield,Google SiteMaps, Cloud Flare Protection, Responsive Site Builder
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Popular DirectAdmin & Cloud Linux OS

dedicated-server-hosting-india-controlpanelLinux Semi Dedicated Web Hosting is powered by popular DirectAdmin control panel. Cloud Linux OS is best suited for shared hosting environment as it isolates the websites using CageFS and LVE manager.

Scripting & Database

dedicated-servers-india-databasePHP 5.x, Perl, Python Support. Mysql 5.x Database Support. Latest SSD caching for mysql database gives highest performance for the database operations.This will boost the performance of dynamic online portals.

Email and Spam Protection

web-hosting-india-mailEnterprise Grade Mail Server with Smart Phone and Blackberry compatible mail boxes. SSL / TLS based POP3, SMTP and Webmail Access. On Demand and On Access Virus Scanning. SPF, DKIM, Spam Assassin protection. XMAIL Trac for tracking all incoming and outgoing messages. High mail throughput for seamless business communication

High Availability Options

dedicated-server-hosting-india-networkArrow Global Load Balancer, Arrow App Sync are available as additional addons in Semi Dedicated Web Hosting. This allows multiple instances of Semi Dedicated Web Hosting to be used for Multi-Zone High Availability configuration. This effectively means when one instance of your Semi Dedicated Web Hosting goes down, the other instance in another location will automatically come up.

Apps Installer

dedicated-server-hosting-india-networkOne click installer gives wide range of cms softwares like wordpress which can be installed just in secs via softaculous. SEO Tools such as Google Site Map Generator, Link Builder, Page Rank Checker.

FREE Payment Gateway

Free Payment Gateway with Reseller Web HostingSiliconHouse helps enterprise clients to set their online business by providing FREE payment gateway with Zero Setup Fee. Integrating payment gateway will increase the revenue of online portal sites.

Special Features

web-hosting-india-hardwareFREE! PAYMENT GATEWAY
FREE! SITE BUILDER responsive, compatible with all devices such as PC,Mobile,Tablet
FREE! SOFTACULOUS One click installer with open source cms like wordpress
SEO TOOLS, Google Site Map Generator, Link Builder and many more site marketing tools
ARROW SHIELD securing sites from more than 14000 infections and malware attacks
HIGH SPEED SERVERS 256 RAM with 12 cores and SSD Caching for robust performance

Available Addons

Web Hosting Addons1. Xmail Track
2. Arrow SQL Arc
3. Arrow Media Streaming for Live / On Demand Videos
5. Dedicated IP Address
6. Comodo SSL Certificates
7. AnyCast DNS with Active Failover
8. High Availability Solutions

SemiDedicated Hosting FAQ

How can I manage Semidedicated Hosting ?

Linux Semidedicated Hosting is provided with one cPanel to manage your subdomains, email accounts and database. You can upload your files and database via cPanel.

What kind of applications can be hosted in semidedicated hosting ?

Semidedicated hardware is very powerful which will loads the websites faster. So online applications, medium sized eCommerce,ERP,CRM portals can be hosted in this. When usage is very high, those sites can be isolated to cloud server hosting or dedicated server hosting.

Do I get SSH access in Semidedicated Hosting ?

In semidedicated hosting you will not get SSH access. You will be provided with cPanel to manage your domain. SSH/root access is available in cloud servers or dedicated servers.

What is Linux Semidedicated Hosting ?

Linux Semidedicated Hosting is powered by 256GB RAM servers, 12 physical cores and RAID harddisk with ssd caching. The sites which requires higher resources in cpu, memory can be hosted in semidedicated hosting. Such powerful hardware will boost the website performance faster and deliver quick response.

Where can I get Pre-Sales questions answered ?

You can get all your pre-sales questions related to Semidedicated Web Hosting answered in our Sales Chat. Click here to Chat Now. We have also complied list of useful questions that could of use to you. Please visit out Pre-Sales FAQ Section.

What are the Payment Options Available ?

We accept payments via Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal and Bank Transfers. Please visit for complete payment options.

Technical Details

The key factors that determine the performance and profitability of the Best Semidedicated Hosting are

1. Monster Hardware
2. Security-Enhanced OS / Scripting
3. Easy to use Control Panel
4. Premium Bandwidth Network Backbone
5. Addons

Reseller Hosting Features - HardwareMonster Hardware: Semi Dedicated Hosting servers are powered by 256GB RAM servers with Intel Xeon Dual Hexa Core Turbo Processors. RAID HDD with SSD Caching will boost the site performance faster.Sites hosted in shared environment requires such powerful hardware which will give very stable and high performance. These servers will handle any sudden spike in users/visits.

Reseller Hosting Features - Os and ScriptingSecurity-Enhanced OS / Scripting: Cloud Linux OS cages each websites and isolate the access from other users in business hosting environment. Such an isolation is very important for security and performance. One site’s spike in usage or vulnerability will not affect other websites in a Cloud Linux OS . Semi Dedicated hosting supports scripting language like php, perl, python.

Reseller Hosting Features - Control PanelEasy To Use Control Panel: Silicon House Semidedicated Hosting has FREE DirectAdmin for managing key functions of your business such as emails, managing ftp, create and restore mysql databases, sub domains etc. One click installers such as Softaculous allows to install open source applications like wordpress in a single click. RV Sitebuilder provides templates to build attractive websites.

Reseller Hosting Features - Premium NetworkPremium Bandwidth Network Backbone: Port speed and the Backbone Connectivity determines uniform functioning of websites hosted in your business account. With 1 Gbps Port Speed and 160 Gbps Backbone Connectivity from multiple providers, your hosting business should run non-stop 24X7, 365 Days.

Reseller Hosting Features - AddonsAddons: Semi Dedicated Hosting addons such as Dedicated IP, SSL certificates gives basic security, registering your company domains will increase your brand. SiliconHouse develop varies range of products like Xmail Trac, Arrow SQL arc etc which will help your business.