Pre Sales FAQ

Billing & Ordering

What are the payment methods available with Silicon House ?

Silicon House accepts payments through wide range of payment methods such as credit card payments, account to account fund transfer, pay pal. You can get complete payment details at

Once I place my order, how much time will it take to set up my account ?

All our order processing begins instantly once the account fee is released from our side during normal working hours. If you pay by credit card it will take 24- 48 hrs for the first order to be executed as risk checks will take minimum 24 hrs. Subsequent orders can be executed within normal order execution time. If you pay thorough account to account transfer / NEFT / Cash / Cheque, order execution will be initiated only on reflection of your account fee at our side.


How do I get support from Silicon House ?

Silicon House offers expert support in multiple channels such as tickets, online chat, videos, exhaustive knowledge base. Tickets will be quickest way to get support. Once a ticket is created, allow enough time to resolve your issue completely. You can track your ticket status via chat after allowing enough time to resolve your issue. Status of the tickets or support request can availed via phone during normal working hours.

What do the customers say about Silicon House hosting and support ?

Here are few of the reviews that we have received from our customers;

“Becoming a Silicon House reseller is one of the crucial decisions that I have made in my life. I have built a web desiging company from scratch and serve hundreds of customers in my 10 years of association with Silicon House.” – Mr.Sheriff, CEO, KASCO Software

“We develop ERP,CRM and ECOM applications for our customers around the globe. Being a reseller of Silicon House, we are able to provide complete solution to our customers and keep adding clients rather than worrying about managing their hosting solutions.” – Mr.Arokiyaraja, RR Solutions.

Silicon House Hosting Customer Review” I talk to my account manager about online strategy, evolving technologies, scaling up… everything except managing our server infrastructure. Because, I don’t have to. That’s Fully Managed Support by Silicon House – Rapid Action Force ” – Mr.Abul Hassan, Manager – IT, Zebronics

“In our business, uptime, reliability and bandwidth are essential as we run mission critical applications catering to global users of large MNCs around.the.clock. For more than six years, Silicon House has served as an excellent partner by providing a world-class IT infrastructure that we rely on to support our customer base.” – Mr.Saravanan, CEO, MouseBiz

Silicon House – Hosting Customer Review” When we work on implementing cutting edge technologies for our customers, my development team has to work very closely with server providers. The expertise that Silicon House brings to the table about server side issues is where they score ahead of others. They are proactive and bring to our notice server-side issues before they are even noticed.” – Dr. P. Sekar Ph.D, CEO, AWATA Software Systems

Silicon House – Hosting Customer Review” When we run a business that grows by leaps and bounds online, we need a partner who can proactively plan, recommend and implement a high performance solution that makes scaling up seamless. Silicon House offers the most practical and cost effective advise leveraging their in-depth experience gained over a decade. ” – Mr. Ganesh Kumar, Head – eBusiness Auctions, Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd

Silicon House – Hosting Customer Review”Anytime i have a server issue, i speak to them over the phone. 5 to 10 minutes later they call me back, to let me know that my problem has been resolved. They make me feel like the owner of Silicon House” – Mr.Thekkiam Narayanan Dhananjayan, Director, THEKKIAM

Silicon House – Hosting Customer Review”We at CSIR Madras Complex, Chennai are very much comfortable with Silicon House, in all their services and support. Our association is for more than a decade now, we appreciate and thank their support in all our IT related activities.” – Mr.P.Suresh, Library Officer and Head IT Division, CSIR MADRAS COMPLEX

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Windows Shared & Reseller Hosting

Can I host flash contents in my site ?

Yes, you can host flash files like .swf in your website. But make sure that it is optimized as flash files take more time to download. If you wish to host .flv files, please choose a media streaming account rather than normal shared reseller account as it will not support such a file format.

I want administrator or root access for hosting my website, which package should I choose ?

Administrator or root access is available in cloud servers, dedicated servers. If your website requires such an access to host it, better choose such a package. Shared hosting accounts will not have root or administrator access.

I want to share data with my clients or within my organization. Can I use reseller hosting to do that ?

No. Shared hosting or reseller hosting accounts can be strictly used for websites only. For data sharing, please purchase BIZ Secure FTP accounts.

Is there a limit on how many emails can be sent per hour ?

Yes, you can send 500 mails per hour. Mailing should be strictly for business purpose and cannot be used for bulk mailing or spamming / unsolicited mailing. Please learn more about our mailing policy.

Linux Shared & Reseller Hosting

1. Is bulk mailing or mass mailing allowed in shared / reseller hosting ?

Bulk mailing or mass mailing causes serious IP reputation issues which will affect others hosted in the same ip range. Hence such mailing is not allowed in shared / reseller hosting.

2. Is SSH access allowed in shared / reseller hosting ?

No. It is allowed only in cloud server hosting and dedicated server hosting accounts.

What is your database usage and limits policy ?

Running queries which takes longer than 15 seconds are prohibited.

Mysql databases can be managed using php my admin available in the hosting control panels. Remote accessing of MySql database using local applications or programs is not allowed.

MS Sql database can be managed using web based control panel. Remote accessing of Mssql database is allowed only for static ip provided by the customer. Dynamic Ips cannot be allowed access to remote MSSQL database. The number of static ip allowed to access remote sql is maximum 2. Remote sql access is allowed only thro MSSQL studio and cannot be used by another local application. Accounts that are found to be abusing this term will be suspended / terminated immediately.

MSSQL access via programs is allowed only for IPs within our network. Programs cannot access databases outside our network.

Database space is included along with the hosting account space. But to make sure that no single database monopolizes database server resource, any single database cannot be more than 100 Mb in space in shared / reseller hosting accounts. A single website can have only one database. Databases can be created only for sites that are hosted with us. Sites that have databases which exceed such a limit will be offered with higher level package where in they can upgrade and keep using it. The customer has to either upgrade the account or cut down the usage in database.

Cancellations & Refunds

What is your refund policy ?

Strictly there are NO refunds for Nano / Economy Packages, Special Promotional Packages, Monthly Billed Packages, Discounted Packages or Coupons.

Strictly NO refunds will be processed for package that are cancelled during the FREE period. [ For example, In a 2 +1 year pack, the last year is provided as FREE and hence no refund can be processed for/during that period ].

Strictly NO refunds will be processed if the account fee is not paid Full in advance before the account is setup.

Strictly NO refunds will be processed if a refund is requested after 90 days from the date of order of the account.

Strictly NO refunds will be processed if an account has violated the terms of service or involved in activities that has resulted in incurring charges to bring back services to normal.

Strictly NO refunds will be processed if an account was involved in abuse / resource over usage previously.

Domain Credits purchased cannot be refunded.

Only first time accounts are eligible for refund. Accounts created by the same customer / related to the same customer will not be eligible for refund.

Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers are not eligible for any refunds.

All request for refund must be provided in writing by creating a ticket in the members area.

Only refund request that does not fall under any of the above conditions will be responded or taken into consideration. The maximum refund possible is 50 % of account fee that is paid in full advance before account setup. Setup fee [both levied or waived off ], Software costs,

Administration costs, other third party expenses will not be refunded. Processing fee of Rs.250 will be charged for all refunds. Refund processing will take 90 days from the date of acceptance of refund by Silicon House.

No refund will be paid as cash or bank deposit. Refunds are credited as hosting credits or domain credits only.

Payment Gateways

1. How do I get FREE payment gateway with Zero Initial Setup Fee for my reseller account ?

Free payment gateway with Zero Initial Setup Fee is available for reseller account taken for at least an year. Once you sign up for the reseller account and complete your payment, you can contact our tech support for steps to enable payment gateway in your account. Adding payment gateway to your website will enable you to receive funds via credit card, debit card and netbanking.

Payment gateway is subject to approval by the payment gateway provider. Applying for payment gateway does not mean you will be allotted with one. As a customer it is your choice to signup for the payment gateway. You must do all evaluation from your side before applying from your side. Setup fee for the payment gateway is waived off. However transaction fee per transaction is applicable. All services / questions / issues must be raised with payment gateway provider only. Silicon House will provide any service regarding the payment gateway. Silicon House does not own or provide any service relating to the payment gateway and hence will not be responsible for any outcome of this payment gateway activation.