Silicon House – Rapid Action Force

All our services are powered by Silicon House – Rapid Action Force. Silicon House – Rapid Action Force uses innovative, state of the art tools to serve customers around the world and leverages our immense experience in hosting for over 14 years and provides instant solution for issues faced by customers. Our in depth knowledge on applications, hardware, OS and other services enables us to put together practical solutions that really work for you.

Innovate: Be it mail tracking or archiving, malware detection and reporting, intrusion detection, load balancing clouds at different locations, each problem presented to us has been converted into an opportunity to innovate an exclusive solution for our customers. We always push the frontier to innovate solutions and present them in practical ways that really work for the customer.

Expertise: With over 14 years of experience in providing hosting solutions, we leverage our expertise and our partners expertise to provide the latest and apt solution for your problems. The emphasis that we lay on knowledge and learning is unmatched and deeply embedded in our culture. We consciously develop expertise in various verticals which allows you to derive maximum benefit out of each solution we provide for you.

Flexible: In a fast changing industry such as Internet, flexibility is something that is very essence to keep abreast with various technologies and solutions. That’s why most of the solutions we provide are framework based and has enough space for future innovations to be accommodated.

Pro-active and Transparent: We work with our customers closely. We pro-actively advise or recommend them on various issues and possible solutions. We are also transparent and always keep customer in a loop on whatever decisions we take affects them. This is the very reason why many start ups begin their journey with us and stay with us even after they grow fully.

Silicon House – Rapid Action Force™ offers worldwide support services using state of the art Automated Service Engine.

How do you stand to benefit as a Reseller ?

As a reseller you can start serving your clients with our industry acclaimed Automated Service Engine within minutes. You can install our support system in your domain with full branding and start using its features such as Infomine, A.I.Chat, Interactive Support Systems, Free Downloads, Alerts, RAF Technical Journals etc. This will allow you to spend more time on Selling than Serving your clients.

How do you stand to benefit as a Customer ?

As a customer you can use our support system such as Infomine, A.I.Chat, Interactive Support Systems, Free Downloads, Alerts, RAF Technical Journals etc. Moreover, you can also train and educate your company users , administrators using these systems. This saves your precious time and also maintains continuity in your web presence.

How does it work ?

The key to quicker and reliable service is our well defined and constantly updated work systems and our drive for automation. This enables us to provide almost full control of the services that we offer to the client themselves. But this requires years of experience and heavy investments on R&D and systems development.

Our simple and cellular hierarchy of Silicon House – Rapid Action Force™ enables us to provide personal and customized service for all your requirements. All our key infrastructures are monitored constantly with over 300 random samples at any given working time. Any deviation is intimated with proper escalation procedure.

The support systems does not end here. It is constantly updated with the help of CBG [Core Business Group ] and R&D [ Research & Development ]. This ensures that our services not only meets your present requirements, but also takes care of future upgrades that we may have to undergo.

Silicon House - Rapid Action Force

Cellular Model – Silicon House – Rapid Action Force™ Support System.

Infomine: Infomine is a key component in Automated Service Engine. It follows a similar industrial practice of Knowledge Management. It also includes interactive support systems.
A.I. Chat: A.I.Chat is a 24X7 automated chat system which allows you to get trained in our products and services. This provides base level support throughout the day.
Co-ordinator: coordinators manage and update Infomine and A.I. Chat. They offer a personalized and custom solution for all your issues.
Team Lead: RAF Team lead completes a Cell and is responsible for interacting and monitoring the coordinators and system administrators.
Manager: RAF Manager overviews the Silicon House – Rapid Action Force™ and also keeps abreast to the latest technological innovations and market situation with inputs from CBG and R&D.