How do I brand the Supersite and Partnersite URL in Windows ?

Domain Control Panel allows you to manage your domain names. You can also brand your supersite and patnersite URL  by using the below steps.

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Domain Control Panel Branding :

1.First login to your Plesk >> Click on Subscription >> click on Open in control panel for the domain>>Click on websites & domains >> click on DNS settings

2.Click on Add records

3.In the first text box choose A record.

4.Enter your sub domain name alone [ For example : domains ]

5.In the new text box enter

Repeat the same for setting up resellers

6.Click on submit.

7.Click on update.

Finally it should appear as follows

domains 14400 IN A

resellers 14400 IN A

Now login to your reseller domain control panel at

Click on settings >>Branding Settings >> Super Site & Partner Site

Under Super Site 2>> under “Fully-Branded URL” put your desired urL [ Example : ]


Under Partner Site >> Under “Fully-Branded URL” put your desired url [ Example : ]


Now you should be able to access the above urls within few hours.

Screen Shots

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Troubleshooting FAQs

Domain Reseller Account Troubleshooting FAQs

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