How do I Register a domain under our customer Account ?

Zero Deposit Domain Reseller Account allows you to signup the Domain Reseller account with free of cost. In the Domain Reseller Account you can manage unlimited domains under your Domain Control Panel. You can register a new domains with cheapest domain price by using the following steps

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Procedure for domain registration under  customer Account:

[1]Go to URL

[2]Login using user name (email id) and password

[3]Go to Products >> Domain Registration >> Check availability

Enter a domain name and click on “search for domain names” button

[4]Domain name search results will be displayed

Choose your domain name and Click on “Add ” button

[5]After added the domain, under the Shopping cart option click on ” check out” option

[6]If you are registering the domain for a new customer, Create an Account

[7]Enable the radio button, Execute the request and cancel the invoice

[8]Click on execute the request, without receiving payment

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Troubleshooting FAQs

Domain Reseller Account Troubleshooting FAQs

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