How do I Transfer a domain name as a Reseller ?

Zero Deposit Domain Reseller Account allows you to signup a Domain Reseller account with free of cost. You can transfer a new domain with cheapest price by the following steps

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Procedure for Domain Transfer as a Reseller:

Please note that Domain transfer includes one year renewal cost

[1] Login into your domain control panel at
[2] Go to Products >> Domain Registration
[3] Click on Transfer Domain
[4] Supply the domain name which is to be transferred
[5] click on Submit.
[ ! Notes ]
Transfer Secret has to be given for the .BIZ / .INFO / .US and some .ORG domains.
It has to be obtained from the old registrar of the domain.
[6] Check the box near the terms and conditions and click on Click to Proceed.
[7] Fill in the contact details form and click on Submit
[8] Supply the name servers and click on Submit
[9] Give the nameserver
[10] Click on Pay.
[11] Click on the link which says Click here to execute.
[12] Among the radio buttons, choose Execute the request and cancel the invoice
[13] Click on execute.
[14] You will receive a confirmation on domain registration.
[15] You have successfully submitted for the transfer of the domain. A mail will be sent to the admin contact email of the domain. And on receiving the approval of the admin contact, the domain will be transferred.

[ ! Notes ]
For the domain to get transferred from one registrar to another it will take 5 to 7 business days to transfer the domain to our control panel.

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