Why do I See site not secure error while loggin into cpanel, whm or webmail ?

Linux Web Hosting Control Panel installed with open SSL. While login to the cPanel, Webmail and the Reseller Web Hosting WHM it will ask security exception to go to the login page.


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cPanel Login Page Warning

Linux Web Hosting while loggin into cpanel you are getting site not secure error because of certificate installed in the server is open ssl.

The server certificate is installed with open ssl to keep our servers anonymous for resellers itself. Please ignore this warning and confirm this security exception, so that you will never face such warning again.

Please note that the SSL alert that you get [ Untrusted Connection ] is due to the fact that the server uses Open SSL certificate for SSL. Please note that Open SSL is used in the server side for your protection only. This does no harm to you. You can just ignore it and proceed further or you can install the certificate in your browser so that such an alert will not come in future.

Why such a certificate [ Open SSL ] is used in the first place ?

Many customers ask this question. Why should be undergo such minor irritation, why is that other hosting providers work fine with them without SSL itself ?

The answer is simple. Better Security. We force our users to use ssl while accessing cpanel/whm or webmail to make sure that their login details are safeguarded. Consider a situation where your system is infected with malware. When you login to whm or webmail, your login will be sent to the remote attacker and he can use that to deface all your websites. Now when SSL is enabled, even if your system is infected, it will encrypt your login details and hence the remote attacker cannot get your login details. In short, forcing SSL does more good than harm. Why other hosting providers do not do this, because, they leave your account security to you.

Is open ssl is safe ?

Absolutely, the ssl certificate we use is safe and provide the same or better security offered by any commercial certificate like thawte or verisign. But open ssl certificate do not provide domain verfication [ which is not required as every customer accesses control panel in their own name ] and hence they trigger an alert that it is untrusted etc.

What I do now ?

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, follow as below

Click on I understand the risk>>Add exception>>get certificate>>Confirm security certificate.

For Internet Explorer, follow the steps below:
# Click Continue to this website (not recommended)
# Click on the ‘Certificate Error‘ on the right of the website URL.
# Click on the ‘View certificates‘ at the bottom
# Click on “Install Certificate…” then ‘Next‘
# Choose ‘Place all certificates in the following store‘ and click on ‘Browse‘
# Select ‘Trusted Root Certification Authorities‘ and click on ‘‘OK‘
# Choose ‘Next‘ and ‘Finished‘ to add the certificate
# A security warning will pop up, choose ‘Yes‘ to install this certificate
# Close and relaunch Internet Explorer

In chrome, Click Proceed Anyway

In IE, Click Continue to this website (not recommended).

You can ignore the message and click on proceed further on this.

Screen Shots

Refer Screen Shots

Troubleshooting FAQs

cPanel Troubleshooting FAQs

How To Create Error Page In cPanel

Follow the below procedure to create error page in your cpanel.

1. Access your control panel at http://www.yourdomain.com.com/cpanel
2. Supply the user name & password.
3. To access the Error Pages, click on the icon Error pages on the main screen of your cPanel interface under Advanced.
4. Click on the number of the error you wish to modify the page for.

[ * Tips ]
The following is an explanation of each error page

This will be reached when the user enters a url that refers to a page that does not exist on your site.

This will be reached when the user has failed to authenticate theirself properly when trying to access a restricted page.

This will be reached when access is forbidden to the page the user to trying to access.

This will be reached when a user misspells a url to a page they are trying to access. It is important to be helpful with your 404 error page or the user may decide to leave your site.

This will be reached when the page cannot be displayed. This can occur when a script fails to run, or under other circumstances. You should have the user contact the site administrator when this page is shown.

5. Enter the new html code into the blank field on the page that appears. You can use the buttons to insert pre-made bits of html code for you.
6. Change the name of the file in the field next to Save as, if necessary.
7. When you are finished editing the page, click on Save to save the modified error page.


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