General Tomcat 7 Details

Java Web Hosting running in  Tomcat 7 . It has certain parameters which is supported  in the server. Kindly refer the below details about the tomcat 7

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Tomcat 7 uses Servlet 3.0, Expression Language 2.2 and JavaServer Pages 2.2, make sure that your applications can run in the new environment. There is a chance that JSPs which run under Tomcat 5.5 will require modification to work under Tomcat 7. This is because the JSPs will now be compiled with ecj (Elipse Compiler For Java) on Java 6.

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Troubleshooting FAQs

Java Troubleshooting FAQs

I am getting Getting 404 File not found


ERROR: 404 File not found

Solution :

You are under Standard Cpanel server with tomcat 7.x where .jsp,servlet and .do are enabled by dafault. Hence if any request which is made to your site goes to apache server where the request is processed to tomcat server. But in your case the error seems to be the request is getting rejected from the apache server itself. This is something which you have to check with your developers. They only can fix this issue.You can also check the examples which we have updated and also refer the concern java forums at your end. As we are not developers we are unable to troubleshoot on your coding part.


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