How to solve the error “User is not authorized for Mail” in Linux Reseller Hosting Plan

Please find the below article which describes the solution for webmail error in Linux Reseller Hosting Plan.


“User > xxx is not authorized for Mail >(Host: x.x.x.x)”

This error occuring after we logged in into the Roundcube/Horde mail interface in cPanel Server.

Solutions :

1) You can change the mail id password and then try to login
2) You can also check whether all ports are enabled in the server firewall
3) You can also try to clear the exim db and restart exim via the server SSH by using the below commands,

cd /var/spool/exim/db
rm -rf *

Finally restart exim by using the below command

servie exim restart

4) You can also check the server hostname as well as in /etc/hosts using the below command.

Command : hostname

If it is not correct then use the below command inorder to correct it in Linux Server.

hostname gains.domainname

Example :

Finally restart exim service once and then try to login into Roundcube/Horde mail interface in cPanel Server.

Hope this will be helpful for you inorder to fix the mailing issues.