How to resolve the issue of IIS is not getting started in Windows Dedicated Server?

Windows Dedicated Server comes with Plesk Control Panel where you can manage the services like web,mail,FTP,DNS and Database easily. Some times the server will not be responding due to load issues and lot of requests coming to the web server. Inorder to avoid the servers goes down , we need to stop the web server for time being. But when we try to restart the IIS , it may not get started and you will start receive the following mentioned error.

Cannot start service W3SVC on computer ‘.’.

This is happening because there are some other services are running on the port and which makes IIS is not getting started. First you need to identify what all are the services are running in the port 80. You can use the following command to identify the processes running on the port 80.

netstat -ab|find “80”

Once you identified the processes , try to kill those processes and start the IIS. Now IIS will get started.